Best Practices

Best Practice 1
  • Title of the Practice: Free Education for Orphans

  • Objectives of the Practice: Education provides an opportunity for healthy life. It instils confidence among individuals to lead a good life. Education becomes vital for orphans to overcome the trauma and psychological loss experienced by them. When the orphans are provided with good education they feel secured and the same will help in improving their livelihood.

  • The Context: The poor orphaned children do not have exposure to education. They are discriminated on various aspects and this leads to individual crisis. The hardships encountered by them make their life and survival difficult. The only way to resolve this problem would be providing education for them.

  • The Practice:

    • To help the orphans to live a normal life, our management runs an orphanage in the name of “Anbu Illam”.

    • The students from this orphanage are provided free education by our institution.

    • Basic needs like Food, Shelter, and Clothing are provided free of cost by our Management

  • Evidence of Success: Every year students from Anbu Illam are given priority in admission to various courses offered in our institution. We pay special attention to such students to make them successful in their studies. Many students have completed their degree successfully and this practice instils hope and confidence in them.

  • Problems Encountered and Resources Required: The emotional imbalance of the orphans is identified to be a major problem. Best efforts are made by the mentors and the respective Head of the Department to resolve such emotional issues. It would be better if they are recommended for psychological counselling from experts in the field.
Best Practice 2
  • Title of the Practice: Go Green

  • Objectives of the Practice: To make the students and the society realise the importance of eco-friendly lifestyle. In the recent days ‘Go Green’ has become a way of life. The individuals should be highly conscious of creating and living in a greenish environment. To make the students and stakeholders aware of the positive effects of an eco-friendly environment.

  • The Context: It has become the responsibility of every individual to keep the globe green. To create awareness for the need to protect our environment every individual should be motivated to take care of his/her surroundings. In this regard the students and staff of our college take various initiatives to create awareness on eco-friendly environment.

  • The Practice:
    • Planting Saplings in the campus
    • Rain water harvesting
    • Waste management
    • Plastic free campus
    • Paperless Internal Communication system

  • Evidence of Success: Our institution is conscious of the environment and strives to keep its campus clean and green. Planting of saplings is our regular activity. Students come forward to plant saplings on special occasions like birthdays. There is a gardener to look after the plants and trees. There is a herbal garden which is maintained by the department of Botany. Each block of our college has a rainwater harvesting structure.

  • Problems Encountered and Resources Required: Watering the trees and saplings during the summer or drought season is the biggest challenge. Trip irrigation system would be solution to manage water scarcity.

Institutional Distinctiveness

The College is run by Arulmigu Dhandayuthapaniswami Thirukoil under the guidance of the H.R. &C.E. Department, Chennai, and is naturally committed to certain ideals and principles which are in tune with the greatest traditions of Indian life and culture. We believe in and follow a pattern of curricular activities which is inseparably bound up with the pattern of values and traditions symbolized by the great temple of sacred palani Hills. The College begins with a prayer in praise of LORD MURUGA broadcasted over a network of microphone speakers throughout the college premises. We begin our day with hands raised in BAKTHI reminding ourselves of the temple over the hill and invoking his blessings in all our humble efforts to serve humanity. Everyone who walks into the portals of this institution is called upon to identify himself/herself with the way of life symbolized by the prayer.

The Vision of our institution is to provide quality education along with richer values and tradition. We aim at providing knowledge through which the student community can acquire wisdom thereby transforming the individual and the society. The college is situated in a rural area and its prime objective is to educate the economically poor rural students in and around Palani region. The management of our college provides all the essential facilities to execute the vision of the institution. We have the best possible infrastructure, dedicated staff, amiable administrative setup, and other resources to enhance the students socially, culturally, and ethically. Our institution provides quality higher education to the underprivileged and strives for their holistic development.